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Waitlist FAQ

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes. Our program is full year-round, and will normally have waitlist in each age group. The approximate waitlist time is 9-18 months. We will not know when an opening will be available until a currently enrolled family informs us that they are leaving, usually 15-30 days before. There is typically a higher turnover rate at the beginning and end of the school semesters, due to students graduating and leaving the Pullman area.

When should I put my child on the waitlist?

If you are applying to school, or for employment at Washington State University and will need childcare, it is recommended to sign up in advance as our waiting times can vary. If your plans change or you make other childcare arrangements, you can always contact us to remove your children from the waitlist.

I’m expecting, can I sign up for the waitlist if my child is not born yet?

Yes. We highly recommend signing up for the waitlist as soon as possible. The registration will ask for a name and birthdate of your child. You can put in place holder information such as “Baby” in the first name field and “your last name” in the last name field for example “Baby Smith”. For birthdate we recommend using your “due date” in this field. All information can be updated by logging back into your account or at the time of enrollment.

How do I sign up for the waitlist?

Our waitlist is electronic, please add all new registrations here: WSU Children’s Center Waitlist

Can I visit the Children’s Center?

An in-person orientation and classroom visit will be arranged for families that have accepted enrollment prior to their first day.

Is there a priority for students?

No. The WSU Children’s Center provides child care for Staff, Faculty, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and other WSU affiliated staff. Only siblings of children currently attending the WSU Children’s Center will receive priority.

Is there any cost to sign up on the waitlist?

No there is no cost to sign up for the waitlist.

I just signed up for the waitlist, what is the next step?

In 3-5 business days you will be contacted by email, to confirm that we received your waitlist registration, and may include additional questions for you about your registration. When we are notified of an opening in our program and your child is next on the waitlist for that age group we will contact you by phone and email to offer enrollment.

I signed up for the waitlist over 6 months ago, is that typical?

It is not uncommon to wait between 9 months-18 months for an opening to become available. Our program is always full and we are restricted by law regarding how many children are allowed in each classroom by age. We fill spaces as they become available, we won’t know when a space will be available until a currently enrolled family gives us notice.