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About WSU Children’s Center

We value children and we believe:

  • In commitment to children as our primary focus.
  • That the curiosity, talents, skills, interests, and diversity of the children contributes significantly to our program.
  • It is the right of children to be actively included in the learning process to make their daily experiences more meaningful.
  • Preparing children for school success is a critical component of life-long learning.


We value a strong start and we believe:

  • Children are natural learners and their world is a learning environment.
  • The love of learning begins in the earliest years.
  • Through the implementation of a high-quality curriculum, we can provide enrichment opportunities that are individualized to meet the needs of diverse interests and learning abilities.
  • Strong relationships among staff, parents, and children are critical to the success of our program.


We value our employees and we believe:

  • In recognizing the value and expertise of our employees, fostering mutual respect, and supporting the rights of each other.
  • In honesty, integrity, and open communication to enhance the well-being of all individuals involved in our program.
  • In a shared responsibility of all employees to take an active role in professional development so that we may continue to achieve excellence in our program.
  • In a supportive work environment to help employees meet the challenges of successfully balancing work and life commitments.


We value cultural diversity and we believe:

  • Culture defines each of us and creates a lens through which we view the rest of the world.
  • By creating a sense of belonging for all who participate in our program, we can foster respect and appreciation for others.
  • Understanding the strength of our roots and supporting a proactive approach to living in a diverse society creates connections that can enhance and empower all of us.


We value families and we believe:

  • Families are the primary influence in the lives of children and children identify very closely with their families.
  • Families are our partners and their goals and desires for their children are important components to be incorporated into our programs.
  • Working with the strengths of our families provides for many collaborative opportunities for family involvement.

WSUCC Promotes Community-based Relationships Through Active Family Involvement