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Power of Play–Refreshing our Outdoor Learning Environment

The Children’s Center is setting out on a journey to refresh our outdoor spaces. This multi-phased project will include repair and replacement of current structures and add new life to our already lovely and spacious playground space.

Join us in creating space for play!

We hope you’ll play along with us as we vision and create engaging outdoor learning environments for children.  Visit this space to stay up to date on what is happening.  As the phases roll out we’ll keep you informed of ways you can be involved.

The First Project

We are excited to announce our first project:  A collaboration with students from Architectural Design IV taught by Professor Mona Ghandi. These students will design and construct inflatable play structures for use by our children.  Don’t be limited by your notions of “bouncy castles”–these students are thinking very creatively.  Visit often to see the progression of their planning and work.

How can you help?

We have received some funding from a former grandparent which has allowed us to get started with this project, but we are looking for donations to support the full implementation of this first phase (ARCH 303’s inflatable structures). Please consider making a donation, nothing is too small to help us with work.

Next Steps

Stay tuned for additional ways to give. Early in the month of March, we will be auctioning off children’s art work. The highest bidder will receive a one-of-a-kind hand made canvas by the incredible artists enrolled at the WSU Children’s Center. Once a highest bidder is identified, that person will be asked to make a donation in the amount of the bid.