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  • To provide children with a caring, safe, nurturing, relaxed, and developmentally appropriate environment.
  • To provide an atmosphere for growth – physical, social, emotional, and intellectual – by encouraging children to be curious, ask questions, and develop their own ideas and responses to the environment.
  • To provide a well-rounded daily schedule that includes:
    • child-directed free play – indoors and outdoors
    • organized activities such as songs, stories, and games
    • opportunities to explore, create, and be successful
    • time to develop and practice self-help skills
    • a relaxed and respectful social atmosphere
    • nutritious meals and snacks
    • rest and relaxation
  • To create a positive and respectful environment that enhances the individuality of each child and contributes to feelings of confidence and greater self-worth (self-esteem).
  • To value and appreciate the differences of each child and family by embracing cultural, ethnic, language, ability, gender, and other unique characteristics.
  • To promote positive role models for children through the careful selection and continual professional development of dedicated teachers and staff.
  • To create a partnership with families by encouraging parents to actively participate in the program.
  • To be a model early learning program for WSU and our community.