Merger FAQs

Q: How does the merger change my chances of enrolling my child at the Children’s Center (CC)?

A: It does not affect enrollment. The same waiting list process that has been utilized in the past will be used going forward.

Q: Will tuition go up because of the merger?

A: For families who have children enrolled in the previous CC program, the merger will not trigger a tuition increase; however, the subsidized CDP program will no longer be offered, so families who have children enrolled in that program will need to enroll in the regular CC program.

Q: Will my child be “experimented on” because of an expanded research mission?

A: Children and families will be invited to participate in approved research studies. Any studies that occur at the Children’s Center must be approved by the Institutional Review Board for protection of human research subjects, approved by parents, and will be vetted by the CC administrative team for appropriateness for the population.

Q: What will an “expanded” teaching mission look at the Children’s Center?

A: Parents may see more undergraduate students in the classroom. Currently, Human Development students are already being placed in classrooms in a variety of capacities. These range from introductory observational assignments, to mid-level courses requiring students to increase their hands-on experience with young children, all the way to senior level student teaching where the student is essentially an apprentice teacher under the supervision of a CC mentor. One member of the administrative team will arrange these placements to insure no single classroom is overwhelmed by adults, to provide periodic supervision of the students, and to support the teachers who are having students introduced into their classrooms.